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Wordpess PageSpeed Optimization

WordPress Speed Improvement

When you are online, nothing is more annoying than a slow loading site. A slow loading site also gives Google negative signals, and especially for online stores, every extra second of loading means a loss in sales.

Why is the loading time of my website important?

There are many reasons why fast loading time is so important:

1. Positive user experience: According to a kissmetrics study, almost half of Internet users expect a loading time of less than two seconds. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of visitors will bounce. Therefore, a fast page speed means a higher conversion rate and a lower bounce rate. Slow sites can completely deter visitors. According to a survey, almost 80 percent said they would not visit slow sites a second time.

2. SEO ranking factor: For Google and other search engines, a positive user experience is an important factor in determining the quality of a website. This is why Google now uses page speed as a ranking factor. Therefore, the faster your site loads, the better your chances of getting high rankings.

3. Conversion rate optimization: A one-second delay in loading time can reduce conversions by up to seven percent, according to this study. This may not sound like much at first, but if your online store has a daily turnover of € 1,000, a one-second delay in loading time can result in a loss of € 70 per day, about $ 2,100 per month. If you calculate it on an annual basis, slow page speed is a real turnover.

4. Crawl: Slowly loading sites crawl more slowly and less intensively because Googlebot only has a limited crawl budget. Therefore, faster load time may mean that your site is crawled more often, which means that your content in the Google index will also be more relevant.

What tools should you use to measure page speed?

There are many tools available for analyzing and optimizing load times. There are other ways to determine when your site is loading, for example by logging.

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What are we doing;

Speed ​​Improvement. All our optimizations are customized, that is, we look at your site, how it works and how it loads, and then do their magic to ensure that your site is as optimized as possible. Because each site is completely different in its use and construction, we use different methods to guarantee your optimization.

We speed up websites using our innovative techniques without altering the design of your website. Your user interface will look identical.

Guaranteed Google PageSpeed ​​Optimization Score and / or GT Metrix Score or Refund. Simple.

Keep track of Google Page Experience updates every few months.

Get a boost in Google rankings from your site’s fast results!

A faster website means an improved user experience resulting in more page views, more questions and more sales !!!!

Slow and bulky WordPress sites are a myth for Atomic, we can make your WordPress site faster than custom builds!