Terms and Conditions

1. The Company will create a specially designed, fully functional website as described in the Website Parameters.

2. Your site will be developed and optimized for the latest browsers and full care is required to test the functionality and style of the site in older versions of the browser, however we can not guarantee 100% full compatibility for all programs browsing. The latest browsers include IE9, IE10, IE11, Latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for MAC.

3. Additional compatibility with specific browsers / versions will apply. Note that not all optical elements can be reproduced the same in every browser, as some browsers do not support the latest CSS3 / HTML5 elements.

4. The customer will have access to the content management system for the purpose of uploading content and maintaining the website. Upon receipt of full payment, Customer will inherit the full rights and ownership of the site and its design. Until then, the site will be hosted on the Company servers and the site may not be copied or reproduced and ftp access will not be granted.

5. The Company reserves the right to use the portfolio of the site or parts thereof after placing the site on the Client’s web server. The site will be hosted on the “Company” server until full payment is received.

6. The client agrees with the nominal time frames mentioned in the design and development process. Time frames are offered as a nominal expectation for each function under normal conditions. As often as possible, the Company will complete the work within the proposed deadlines, however, as workload, available resources and customer availability may vary – this is not always possible. Other factors, such as the amount of content responsible for downloading the Company and the degree of adjustment required to facilitate interactive features or e-commerce solutions will vary.

7. When the hosting of the website is included, the Company takes all reasonable measures to maintain the operation time and the integrity of the website. The company bears no responsibility for damages or costs, nor is it responsible for any work to repair or restore the site in the event but is not limited to malicious attacks, intrusions or intrusions of viruses and malware.

8. When Customer has made any changes to the Website, including indicative code processing, deletion of files, installation of third party components or change of file permissions, the Company will charge the Customer an additional fee for retrieving the Website.

9. The Customer guarantees that he has the right to conclude this Agreement. The Customer certifies that he holds or has acquired all the necessary licenses and permanent rights for any assets provided by the Customer to the Company.

10. The Customer indemnifies the Company and its subcontractors against any and all claims, lawsuits, costs and expenses, including reasonable collection costs, commissions, fees, costs and expenses, including legal costs based on compensation, in respect of the site. This compensation includes but is not limited to assets acquired by the Company on behalf of the customer.

11. The customer can terminate for convenience upon written notice and upon payment of the applicable early termination fee as follows:

Date of cancellation

Before you receive the first draft of the website design
After receiving the first draft of the website design
Upon completion of the review process

End of termination

50% of the total value of the contract for a fixed term contract
80% of the total value of the contract for a fixed term contract
Contract value for fixed-term contract

12. Any and all assets provided by the Customer for the website will be delivered to the Company within the first 7 days from the start of the project. The Customer will correct and process such assets prior to delivery to the Company. The Company agrees that any assets provided by the Customer, either for the Website or in connection with the business purposes for its development, are treated as confidential and are not disclosed to third parties or used in any way other than the development of the Website. Upon completion of the work, the Company will return the assets to the Customer

information provided by the Customer.

13. The Company reserves the right to terminate the agreement in any of the following cases:

Customer does not communicate / respond to requests via email or phone within ten (10) business days
The Client deviates from the signed briefcase without paying additional fees, if required to do so and refers to additional work required
The Customer does not provide content and any additional information requested by the deadlines mentioned. In case of any of the above mentioned incidents, the Company may terminate the agreement with a written notice to the Customer. No refund will be made to the Customer and the Company will retain the money it has received.

If the Customer wishes to continue the agreement, a written request must be sent to the Company for consideration within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the termination notice.

If you do not fulfill your obligations under this clause, we may not be able to perform the Services as stated. The fees set forth in the Agreement will continue to be paid as required, even if we are unable to provide the Services due to your failure to meet your obligations under this clause.

14. Customer agrees that in the event that the Company undertakes tasks that depend on third party services, including third party APIs, website services and libraries (e.g. Twitter API, Google Maps API, Facebook API), the Company may not be held responsible for changes made to that third party service. This includes, but is not limited to, the removal of support services or changes the way a service is implemented. In the event that further work is required as a result of such a change, the Company should report and charge for the additional work as appropriate. There are no refunds available for services provided by the Company.

15. This Agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Xanthi, in Greece and the parties irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Xanthi.

16. The Customer may not offer any form of employment to the Company’s staff during the use of the Company’s services or within 12 months from the termination of the services.

17. The Customer agrees that, in case of violation by the Customer of any of the terms of this agreement, including the failure to pay the money due under this agreement, the Customer will pay to the Company all collection costs, commissions, fees, charges and expenses, including legal costs based on compensation borne by the Company and ancillary to this agreement or any matter arising out of or arising out of this agreement or the execution or failure of the Customer to perform any of the terms of this agreement.

March 2021